Course Structure

This is an asynchronous online course, meaning that we will not have regularly scheduled meetings. Rather, you will move through the course by navigating the shared spaces on this website. Primarily, our Cabin in the Woods and our Discussion space.

The course is divided into four units:

Unit 1: Introductions (2 weeks) 10%

Unit 2: Climate Change and Disciplinarity (6 weeks) 40%

Unit 3: Collective Storytelling (6 weeks) 30%

Unit 4: Conclusion  (1 week) 20%

You can find all the information about the units at our Cabin in the Woods.

Assignments + Assessment:

Each unit  is broken down into steps, with assignments associated with each step. Your grade becomes differentiated by incomplete work, no work, and missed deadlines. Certain work becomes valued more based on the unit it is in. All of your progress is recorded in BlackBoard.

[check minus]–uncompleted entry and missed deadline (0)

[check]–did not meet expectations but made deadline (can resubmit=50%)

[check +]–thorough/met expectations (100%)

Checklist of Assignments

  • WordPress Post (Reflective Process Narrative 1/Introduction)
  • Prepare Bibliographic/Reference Entry for 5 source Annotated Bibliography
  • Submit Pentad EverNote Annotation Journal
  • Submit 5 Research Narrative Assignments
    • Disciplinary Climate Change Scene
    • Draft an URSA Proposal on Background/Significance for Climate Change Research
    • Share Who You Are as a Researcher Narrative
    • Interview a Climate Change Researcher at UAF
    • Draft a Problem Statement
  • Contribute to 5 Discussion Posts
    • Atlantic Monthly Article
    • IARC Annual Report
    • Interview
    • Proposal
    • Harper’s Magazine
  • Sentence Reflection (Process Narrative 2/Sentence)
  • Schedule Conference
  • How will your Group’s firepit work? (Process Narrative 3/Contract)
  • Process Memo (report form)
  • Process Memo (report form)
  • Process Memo (report form)
  • Submit Group Collective Storytelling Assessment (Process Narrative 4/Assessment)
  • Submit Multidisciplinary Story
  • Process Narrative 5/Vision
  • Submit Portfolio

If there are places where assignments or ideas seem more open than you expect, that’s intentional. I tried to create spaces for you to create. I’m interested in what you do here. I am also here as a resource for you, as are your peers in the course. I think that creative processes – like research, like writing – are collaborative processes. Draw on each other’s understanding and expertise by posting to  our Discussion Forum.  I’ll participate in discussions there and am also available via email.