Cabin in the Woods

This course takes place almost entirely, and metaphorically, in and around a cabin in the woods. We’ve created an interactive 3D space for you to explore the space of this course. The idea of a cabin as a vehicle for our course inquiry is intended to encourage a frame of reference  which immediately brings to mind why climate change and research writing  matter: It’s about where we live!  This course  encourages less technical vocabulary and more interactive dialogue when communicating with public, less technical audiences. I think the cabin is a good choice for us–but it’s certainly not the only option. What other kinds of 3D spaces would work?

Anyway, come in, look around. You’ll see that you enter this space on the path to the cabin. Move around this path–what all is there? This is the first unit of the course. The additional spaces and units will become available as they become relevant to the course. For now, explore what’s there, take your time.

If you’d like a starting point, look for the map:  shutterstock_141259639.


Cabin in the woods