Aspect of Burke’s Pentad: Scene

What do scenes look like in your discipline’s research writing? What will scenes look like in your writing? What are the scenes leading up to the particular scene of focus? Where does the research take place?  What does a climate change scene sound like/look like/feel like/smell like/taste like in a public place?

Use these questions to locate scene in your annotation journal project. You will demonstrate 5 examples of scenes in your annotation journal. Here is one example.

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Their homes perched on a low-lying, treeless tuft of land between two rivers on Alaska’s west coast, residents saw the water creeping closer every year, gobbling up fields where they used to pick berries and hunt moose. Paul and Teresa Charles watched from their blue home on stilts on Newtok’s southern side as the Ninglick River inched closer and closer, bringing with it the salt waters of the Bering Sea.