Aspect of Burke’s Pentad: Agency


What solutions are suggested in research writing? What organizations or means are included? Who is not being included or who is left out?  What kinds of support were necessary for the disciplinary research in the first place? Is it replicable?  What resources would you need in order to facilitate a wider circulation of the research conclusions to a different audience?

Use these questions to locate scene in your annotation journal project.  I expect a 3-4 sentence paragraph for each element. The last sentence of you each note should have a forward looking idea, a suggestion for deeper or further research. Here is one example which I copied and pasted from Alana Samuels’ article “The Village That will be Swept Away” in Atlantic Monthly.

example of agency
The villagers’ biggest hope for funding is now FEMA, thanks to the 2013 storm and the subsequent flooding, which allowed Newtok to apply for $4 million of FEMA funds through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. That money, if it is approved, will be used to relocate 12 homes and buy out five homeowners in Newtok, who can use that money to build a new house in Mertarvik. But that application was submitted in July and funds won’t be available for another year.
annotation entry
FEMA is a federal agency that provides financial  support to address emergencies. Samuels’ reports that FEMA is only a hope for Newtok and highlights the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and its specific use. The agency has specific rules (programs) and has timelines. Could look into the Hazard Mitigration Grant program–how often does climate change show up in grant requests?    

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