Aspect of Burke’s Pentad: Act

What verbs are used in your discipline’s research writing? What verbs will you use  in your writing? Do the verbs follow a pattern? How does a verb help you see a relationship between the subject of a sentence and the object of the sentence?  Consider the whole verb phrases in the research writing you are analyzing.  What verbs are not being used? Why do verbs matter to the act?  What verbs are being used by researchers when they are referring to climate change in your discipline?  What verbs are being used by the participants in Fairbanks?

Use these questions to locate acts  in your annotation journal project. You will demonstrate 5 examples of acts  in your annotation journal. Here is one example.

act Snow is melting earlier in the spring in Alaska, sea ice is disappearing and the ocean temperature is increasing. Alaska is warming at a rate two to three times faster than the mainland United States, and the average winter temperature has risen 6.3 degrees over the past 50 years.

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