Conduct an interview with a researcher at UAF who is engaged with climate change.

What does this person think is needed beyond being  someone  with passion?


This Google Doc assignment asks you to write dialogically, asking you to transcribe and creatively design  an interview with another researcher.  It’s up to you to decide if you want to explore sound for this assignment, as if you are creating a podcast. Or, you might want to create a script. Either works. Capture the dialogue behind the question and answer format.   This assignment  is about you making  connections that research is about people and power.   I will be reading this for how you arranged the questions and answers so that I learn something new based on how you have shared the interview.

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  1. I have not done an interview yet, but I do plan on interviewing Gay Sheffield.

    Questions I plan on asking Gay in regards to climate change and food security:

    Hello, my name is Jolene Nanouk. I am married to Wes Jones, who works for NSEDC. This summer my husband was sending you samples of killer whales/orcas that have washed ashore in Norton Sound.
    1) I was wondering if you knew the cause of the deaths of the orcas found this summer?
    2) Has there been any other sea mammals found dead with these same issues?
    3) What do you think is causing this?
    4) Is there anything we need to know locally to be aware of, since we eat some of these sea mammals, such as walrus and beluga?
    5) Has there been issues of shellfish, such as our clams and the crab that we get being toxic to eat?
    6) Lastly, with the issue of the reindeer becoming sick from anthrax in Russia, what would you recommend their herders do help with this situation?
    7) What is your recommendation for communities in rural Alaska and in the Arctic areas in dealing with climate change and food security?

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