Disciplinary Climate Change Scene:

What do you imagine the field or place or situation to look like, smell like, taste like, feel like, sound like?


Write a narrative scene about climate change from your disciplinary point of view. 500-750 words.

This Google Doc assignment asks you to write creatively, asking you to get your reader to imagine what climate change might feel like or be like given a particular disciplinary interest. It’s up to you to decide the scene and how far to push the creative expectations.

This writing is about drawing connections, trying to locate the multiple participants  in your research and imagine in the way you write a scene why you have made the choices you have. Often this kind of research writing appears in case studies or in introductions to articles. Look for  this kind of writing  in the peer-reviewed articles you are analyzing. Read them closely and draw out  some of the strategy. I will be reading this for how well you negotiate specific concrete details–someone who is aware  that their writing is being read and has effect.


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