Problem Statement:

What  is the conflict you care about in your discipline’s narratives about climate change?


Draft a 500-750 word problem statement of climate change in your disciplinary lens. Focus on the verbs you select and use. What is the relationship you are emphasizing about the reality of climate change and your discipline?

This Google Doc assignment asks you to draw on the conventions of your discipline to synthesize the current state of disciplinary research about climate change, communicating what is missing or warrants further exploration. This writing might be similar to a review article where you explain what researchers are concerned about and ways to encourage certain topics or methods over others. You should note that this kind of writing takes place in the peer-reviewed articles you are analyzing. Read them closely and draw out  some of the strategy. I will be reading this for how well you negotiate the academic narrator–someone who is aware of the claim they are making and what is at stake.



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