Your Annotations Folder on Climate Change

We’ve asked what fuels you: What is your purpose? Now let’s consider what fuels climate change storytelling.

Please find 5  resources on climate change that will fuel your storytelling. Specifically, find and gather as pdfs  4 peer-reviewed articles in your discipline about climate change and 1 web-based text where perspectives are present in talking about climate change.

Organize the notes in a folder “Annotations” inside your shared “FirstLastName” folder inside our course “ClimateChangeStorytelling” folder.

Create a Google Doc in this folder with a works cited (or references) entry. The bibliographic style will range based on discipline. I’m ok with that; I’m only looking for an organized, principled way of being able to locate the same information.

Communicate you have completed the assignment by notifying Sarah as a direct message in Slack. She will then see if she can access it!

The UAF library website is a good resource: The Greenfile archive is specifically for environmental research and writing:


Due: September 10.