Welcome to discussions! You might have ended up here because you are ready to post your first discussion ¬†assignment. Great! Instructions for posting are below. Remember to choose “Discussion” as the category for your post, and to tag it with the tag specific to that assignment (i.e. “introductions”) so that we can all find it here. Without tags and categories, the post won’t know where to go within the website, and we’ll have to go searching for it. [Other option is to have this look more like the “Talk Shop” area — one post with replies for each assignment]

[SARAH- if you want to have some of the other assignments available to the whole class, so they can look at what each other are working on and learn from each other, we can use a similar method. Or a different one. I also think it’d be cool for them to post these to thinglink (just finding a spot in the image they want to associate with their post, and linking to their post there)]


To make your post …


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