Creating Posts on WordPress

All of us have access to  creating  posts on this website and I hope this will be one of the ways we communicate with each other. To get started with creating a post, you first need to log-in to the site.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UA username and password.
  3. You’re in! If you have any trouble at this point, email me.
Create your Profile:

We’re going to spend a good amount of time here together and it’d be nice to see each other. Please upload a profile picture, which will appear in all of your posts and in the class roster in the sidebar. To do that, follow these instructions [COMING, but it will be like this:]

Create Your Post:

To create a post, click the “+New” tab at the top of the page and chose “Post”. This will bring you to a screen where you can title and write your post in the big text area. You can add images to your post by using the “Add media” button.

On the right side of the screen in your editing window, you’ll see options to label  your post with  “categories” and “tags”. Choosing the “discussion” category will allow your post to appear on our discussion page. Please do this. Please also tag your post according to the assignment. This will make it easier to sort through all the discussion

[SARAH- we could also have separate pages for each assignment/discussion if you think having them all in one place with tags might be too much. ALSO I will include screenshots in the actual instructions so that this is easier to follow.]

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